Project Objective:

Journalists use qualification and advisory services by Pakistani competence center in the field of safety, data journalism and media

CPNE-DW Academy project 2018 is based around four main topics:

Follow-up meetings with eight mainstream media houses on organizational changes with regard to four thematic areas (Ethical Standards in Crisis Reporting, Psychological Risks, Physical and Digital Safety of Journalists), Formation of CPNE Media Academy, Establishment of Helpline, Sensitizing and advising 20 decision-makers of selected media houses on the implementation of ethical  and safety standards in journalism and conducting 2 capacity building trainings for working staff of selected media houses in Karachi on ethical and safety standards.

Activity Vise Details:

Activity #1

Follow-up meetings with eight mainstream media houses´ focal persons and decision-makers on organizational changes with regard to four thematic areas

Will be distributed

Activity #2

Formation of CPNE Media Academy

Acquiring infrastructure (room, furniture for staff members, equipment such as desk top computer/ laptop)

Designated staff as per devised strategy

Creating awareness about CPNE Media Academy among media community (advertisement in newspapers, website, social media will be responsibility of CPNE.

Conducting launching Ceremony for CPNE Media Academy

Activity #2.2

CPNE hires a local organizational development consultant in order to strategize and chalk out the road map of establishing CPNE Media Academy successfully on a sustainable basis.

Formulating detailed ToRs of the future CPNE Media Academy, including objectives, 3 year strategy, target groups, relevant activities, PR-strategy, added value of CPNE Media Academy on the targeted market, necessary HR, communication and organizational structures within the overall CPNE structures etc.

 Activity #3

Establishment of Helpline

Facilitation and addressing the information support requests by journalists

Activity #3.1

Create and increase awareness regarding help line through meetings / telephone calls and emails to press clubs, website, social media and media organizations


Sensitizing and advising 20 decision-makers of selected media houses (CPNE members in urban and rural centers) in Karachi on the implementation of ethical  and safety standards in journalism

Activity #4.2

Sensitizing and advising 15 decision-makers of 3 media associations

 Activity #5

Conducting 2 capacity building trainings for  20 (each) working staff of selected media houses in Karachi on ethical and safety standards


  • The need of Competence Center or CPNE Media Academy establishment in Pakistan is to unveil, update and upgrade the talent of working media practitioners through knowledge about modern trends and technology in media, training courses and related networking. In 2018, cpne have to work and develop on the concept and strategical planning of the academy as per the project action plan. We brain storm, discuss and develop the main concept and strategy, develop and re-design two manuals (Implementation of CoC/Ethical practice in Journalism and Implementation of physical safety standards), we conduct two trainings also for media practitioners and more than 40 media practiosioners participates the training sessions).
  • The main features or objectives of CPNE Media Academy are to: provide a professional support to working journalists, editors,media practisinors,students for their skills enhancement and certification by going through specific training courses organized by the Media Academy, impart contemporary knowledge and practices into the professionalism by share of good governance at media houses and senior professionals in journalism.
  • The launching ceremony was held on 13th November 2018, The ceremony was attended by media academics, senior editors, Journalists, media experts, leaders of media organization, intellectuals and media persons along with D.W Academy’s Deputy Country Manager Ms. Lena Elter, D.W Academy representative and Chief Executive Officer Deutsche Welle Pakistan Mr. Asif Khan. The CPNE Vice Presidents exclusivdely came from Baluchistan and KPK to attand the ceremony. Female academics, editors and journalists also present at the event. The presence of DW officers was much appreciated by the member editors and participants.
  • We are advertising or in more appropriate words creating awareness regarding CPNE Media Academy from the start of the project as we discuss it with editors, Directors, owners at eight mainstream media houses (Geo News TV, Express News TV, Aaj News TV, ARY News TV, Dawn News TV, Metro One TV, Vsh TV and Business Plus TV) In these meetings we had opportunity to introduce media academy and its details with 3 to 4 decision makers.
  • The news of media academy also creates awareness regarding academy. The press release is published in all prominent Urdu, Sindhi and English newspapers in Pakistan which means it’s reached to their entire readership which is much more than hundreds of thousands. The name of CPNE media academy is not unfamiliar for any media house in general. CPNE initiated expert editor group and exclusive committees on reforms, trainings and academy.
  • The feedback from media community regarding the academy is fabulous, they listened and show interest in CPNE Academy. They ask about the training program /topics and we got suggestions to conduct trainings in district and small cities also plus we need the manuals and other material in Urdu as well for better understanding of media persons.
  • CPNE Helpline is launched and fully functional after its inugral at 11th October 2018 . We received 12 calls but most of them in praise of idea, others asks about the process and details of helpline services.
  • Helpline soft launching ceremony was attended by editors, journalists , media persons, journalist leaders, press clubs office bearers and academics. More then 50 people attend the ceremoney , female editors and journalists are also present at the event.
  • Helpline inugration news was published in all newspaper ,we received calls after printing the news. CPNE develop 3 mount posters regarding media ethics, physical safety, psychological safety and digital safety with help line numbers and details. We distributed these to Press clubs ( Karachi Press Club, Malir Press Club, Korangi Press Club) PID, Media Houses , Newspaper offices, Media organizations etc.
  • According to 2018 action plan we have to conduct 2 training sessions for 20 journalists, media persons, working staff of  media houses in Karachi on ethical and safety standards.CPNE conducted two trainings containing 2 sessions each regarding ethical and safety standards. 45 journalists, media persons attend the trainings. The participants were active journalists and working in different media houses / newspapers in Karachi. 11 female journalists and media person also attend the training sessions.
  • CPNE initiative Editors club have 35 plus active members now, all of them are working editors and chief editors of prominent media houses. Editors Club arranged 3 meetings and 3 programs for its members and other working editors. The challenge is to acquire infrastructure and more resources on which CPNE is working. CPNE initiated exclusive committee on Editors Club for organizing programs, enhancement in services and escalating membership.
  • According to action plan we have to sensitize and advise 20 decion makers, editors in 2018 ,CPNE arranged  sensetization session for 42 editors, decision makers regarding implementation of ethical and safety standards. We arranged  proper session and then advicing session for further questions .CPNE conduct sensetization and advicing meeting with Karachi Press club office bearers and member Editors focusing on Unified Code regarding implementation of ethical and safety standards to play an active participatory role and influence on 1600 plus KPC members including editors, journalists, media persons, photographers, cameramen to practice UCoC in daily work flow.8 Office Bearers and leaders from KPC were advices in this meeting. CPNE conduct advicing meeting at Malir Press Club to motivate the MPC Body for the practice pattern change at organizational level with implementation of UCoC in media houses.  5 office bearers and leaders were adviced in this meeting. CPNE conduct advicing meeting at Korangi Press Club also regarding the ethical abd safety standards.5 office bearers and leaders were adviced in this meeting. CPNE conduct advising meetings with eight mainstream media houses (Geo News TV, Express News TV, Aaj News TV, ARY News TV, Dawn News TV, Metro One TV, Vsh TV, Business Plus TV decision makers and senior management. In these meetings we had opportunity to advice 2 decision makers regarding implementation of ethical and safety standards, CPNE advised 16 + decision makers in these meetings.


Target Groups

CPNE worked with the target group of chief editors, owners, journalists, editors, media persons, camera men, human resource persons etc.

Media decision makers Media persons (working staff)
Media decision makers are the editors, chief editors / owners and Directors of media houses, in the sensitization sessions we observes their interest regarding practice the ethical and safety standards . Their learning need is organizational change and understanding the need of proper standard operating procedures (Sops).


They are much busy and difficult to approach.


In my opinion Decision makers take appreciate most Editors club and CPNE Academy because Editors club will fulfil the need of a meetup platform and Academy will be a help in professional excellence.

Media persons (working staff) are much more interested in safety issues, but the knowledge and implementation of ethical journalism and ethical standards are much needed.


The challenge is to create and maintain motivation.


Media persons (working staff) will appreciate Help line and Media Academy respectively as via helpline they can get the expert advice free of cost and Academy will be a help in professional excellence for them too.


Best practices

  • Meetings and interaction with media houses proved to be an important factor to the success of the project as they show interest and recognition to Academy and other initiatives.
  • Editors Sensitization session proved to be effective to provide support and improve synergy.
  • Meeting with Karachi Press club was the best move for the Unified Code of Conduct matter as KPC body declared their full support to the cause.
  • Media Community appreciates the importance of launching CPNE Academy. As Mr. Zafar Abbas, Editor Dawn commented that the launching of media academy can play its major role in upholding the media practitioner’s level of skills and knowledge.
  • CPNE Editor Club opened membership and conduct two successful events for its members and others.


  • Sustainability of the project was discussed during the course of the project implementation involving various stakeholders to ensure continuity of project initiatives at different levels.
  • CPNE Media Academy, Helpline and Editors club all are much important for media community and can play major role in media landscape of Pakistan , both academy and Club could be helpful in sustainability as academy can offer diferent trainings, seminars etc and club organized events.